Hamlish Valdayne, The Breaker

Undead Scourge Paladin


Hamlish Valdayne had a pretty good idea from a very young age what he was going to be when he grew up. His family were worshipers of Iomedae and he came from a long, proud line.
His great grandfather was Sir Tammel Valdayne, The Purifier.
His grandfather was Sir Joren Valdayne, The Sanctifier.
His father was Sir Olen Valdayne, The Hammer of Iomedae.
He had a strong suspicion he would be ‘gently’ guided along the path toward holy knight.

Hamlish’s childhood was rather unremarkable. He was raised in the area once known as “The Stolen Lands,” in it’s capital, a city called “Adam’s Fall.” He was aware that his family held some sort of special position amongst the holy knights of Iomedae. His father was often called away from home and when he returned he would tell stories of the reanimated skeletons and ghosts and zombies he had laid to rest. Hamlish would relish these tales.

As a child, Hamlish would say to his father, “Iomedae is the Light of the Sword, right?”
“That’s right.”
“And her holy symbol is a sword?”
“So, why do they call you The Hammer of Iomedae?”
“Because dear boy,” his father would say, “when the job calls for it, every craftsman needs the proper tool.” And then he would laugh and laugh and Hamlish never understood the joke.

Hamlish took to his training quite well. Physically strong and with an equally bold personality, Hamlish studied well the tenets of his faith, the art of war and his families penchant for putting to rest those who walk the earth beyond their time. As he grew in strength and conviction, his father began taking him out with him on his trips and it was here that Hamlish learned of his family’s renown for the hunting and slaying of the undead. Hamlish soon discovered he had inherited his family’s knack for this particular task.

Adam’s Fall was not a boring city by any means and Hamlish enjoyed living there but, as he grew, he found that more and more he craved the days his father would take him along on his sojourns. It was on one such trip that Hamlish first me Professor Lorrimor and happened to save his life from a ghast that they had all been hunting independently. The professor thanked Hamlish profusely and was off. Hamlish thought of the professor often and corresponded with him frequently after the event. They shared with each other their insights and experiences with the undead whenever possible and Hamlish’s regard of the man grew. When news of the professor’s passing came, Hamlish met it with great sadness and began preparing for his first solo trip to Ustalav to attend the professor’s funeral.

The day of his departure came quickly and Hamlish readied himself as best he could. When he was done, he met his father in the great room to wish his good byes.
Sir Olen inspected his son’s equipment. “You have a sword?”
“Yes, father.”
“And my old Earth Breaker?’
Hamlish hefted the maul. “Yes, father.”
“And a smaller weapon for close fighting and a distance weapon just in case?”
“Of course, father.” Hamlish said, restlessly.
Sensing his son’s impatience, Olen cut his inspection short. “You’ll be fine, I know. But, I’m still allowed to be concerned. Will you be making this trip alone?”
“No father,” Hamlish said, “I’ll be traveling with Dyrus. He worked with the professor on occasion. I think they were close.”
“Well,” Sir Olen said finally, “I suppose you are all set. Good luck, safe travels, go with Iomedae, etc, etc.”
Hamlish smiled. “Of course, father. I’ll see you soon.”
Sir Olen suddenly affected a mock serious tone, “And don’t forget that you’re representing me as well. I expect you to bring honor to the name of the Hammer of Iomedae.”
Hamlish smirked once again said, “I’ll do my best. Fare well,” and began to leave.
When he reached the door, Hamlish paused, thought for a moment, and turned back.
“The Hammer of Iomedae,” he remarked thoughtfully, “It’s a good name, father. For myself, I was thinking of something a bit more active, like grandpa’s name. Perhaps, ‘The Breaker.’”
“Well, my son,” his father spoke without the least bit of humor, “I guess you should go break something.”
Hamlish looked at his father with a smile altogether unbecoming a paladin and replied, “I guess I should.” And with that he was off.

Hamlish Valdayne, The Breaker

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